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US CANSPAM Act of 2003?

Fast email
Our email dispatching technology focusses on sending quantity quickly

What we do

We provide a resource to organizations that need to get announcements, updates, newsletters, etc. to large groups of recipients by email. Our system is designed to provide a solution for legitimate organizations that are looking to communicate more effectively.


Organizations today know the true value of using email to communicate with their subscribers. There is nothing worse than having a loyal customer feel that you either no longer exist or that you don't care about informing them of new announcements, opportunities, etc. But using email for these legitimate purposes has to be done in accordance with US Federal Law, and with industry best practices. Or you could simply be labelled as a 'spammer'.

No Spam

When the Internet first became prominent, email was considered the 'killer application' of the Internet. Email allowed people to communicate more effectively, crossing International borders, without any major cost or effort. However like so many great ideas, many unscrupulous organizations elected to use it for creating annoying, disturbing and just plain unethical use and since then its given email and notification a really bad name. We are NOT one of the enablers for such behavior.

We believe, however, that you need to communicate with your customers & subscribers. Therefore we offer you the tools to do it at an affordable price. And we take the complexity out of communicating through the Internet with your recipients.

We protect you

Email still remains one of the most efficient, cost effective and useful tools for legitimate organizations to reach their subscriber base. But there are dangers in using it incorrectly, including:

  • Creating a bad impression in the minds of existing and future customers and subscribers
  • Having your outgoing email server blacklisted
  • Sending out emails that no one can read clearly
  • Not being able to meet time-sensitive deadlines for outgoing emails
  • Being completely 'in the dark' as to whether your emails actually did get to the intended recipient
  • Not providing your recipients an ability to be unsubscribed from your mail outs
  • Running the risk of breaking the law
  • Demonstrating a lack of quality in comparison to your competitors

Our clients include major government agencies, large corporations, non-profit groups, etc. and we take care of their email dispatching needs, protecting them from making costly mistakes. We can do the same for you!

Our technology

We use a highly designed and fast technology framework for email dispatch that guarantees the greatest receipt possible. Mail filtering often will kill an email campaign, but if email is done right it won't be filtered. Even by the larger 'free' email servers (like Hotmail, Yahoo, Google, etc.). So many people use these services because they have such effective spam filtering, and we know how to work with them so that legitimate emails will get through. We have direct relationships with blacklisting organizations to ensure that your email isn't going to be filtered out by their databases.

Our redundant, fiber optically connected server farm ensures rapid delivery of emails, and we utilize a clustering technique that places multiple sending 'agents' throughout the world to ensure quick and reliable delivery. This means you don't have to invest in hardware, network bandwidth, etc. to just get your emails out. We take care of all of the hard work, care & feeding of the network, etc. and it just gets done.

After all that is what you want - get your emails out fast and reliably. And that's what we do.




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