Need a 3rd party email list management solution to ensure you are in 100% conformance with
US CANSPAM Act of 2003?

Fast email
Our email dispatching technology focusses on sending quantity quickly

Features is proud of the rich feature set we can bring to the table, to help with your mailing list management. Our services are designed around sending rich, beautiful, email pieces to ensure you have the maximum readership and attentiveness.

In order to do this, we provide you with the facilities to take your HTML or plain text emails, graphics, etc. and bundle it together so you can test your mail piece entirely before sending it. You know exactly how it will look for your recipients. And by using the latest techniques in 'inline' images, you'll be sure that the recipient of your mail piece will not need to be connected to the Internet to view it - that the entire email piece, including all of its rich graphics, are downloaded at the same time to the recipients email software (ie. Outlook, etc.).

Fast & Reliable delivery

Our tested technology design allows us to muster the resources of the Internet to dispatch your mail pieces to as many recipients as you provide in the shortest period of time. By using a parallel dispatch technology we have developed ourselves, we can bring to the table a level of delivery technology not found with other alternative dispatching technologies. Our server farm spans the globe to ensure the maximum number of servers are dispatching your list as possible, to get your message out fast. is the perfect choice when your email piece is time sensitive.

Great Reporting

You create your mail campaign, upload your email address list, test your email piece and once you are happy, you start the delivery process. We take care of the rest. At any time during the dispatch you can check to see how things are going, and you will be provided with the best reports at the end of the dispatching so you can see the number of successfully delivered emails, number of bounces, and number of invalid email addresses.

Integration Capabilities

Its one thing to have a great email delivery service like But if you are doing regular mail outs, you'll know the value of keeping your lists up to date, so that you can start a campaign without having to do a lot of background work to update mailing lists, etc. We provide you with secured and available SOAP Web Services calls so that you can integrate your web site forms with our mailing list services. If, for example, you wish to add an email address from a 'Contact Us' page on your website, its a simple matter of adding some code to your web page and the new email address will be added to your list on We really do support a full 'mashup' of technologies via the Internet and embrace SOAP XML Web Services entirely to make this happen.

Easy recipient unsubscribe that works

No one wants to receive email they are not interested in. Therefore we provide you with an easy and automatic unsubscribe link on each email that is uniquely formatted for the recipient. This 'one click unsubscribe' capability not only ensures your mail outs are in complete conformance with the US CANSPAM Act of 2003, but that your subscribers are not having to jump through hoops in order to get off your lists. Every wins.

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