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In addition to our 'self-service' offerings that you can use here at, we also offer a range of personal services to ensure you meet your business goals.

Email Marketing

Here are a range of services we can provide your organization:

Email graphic design & layout

If you are receiving emails from your competitors you'll know that aesthetics is a big and important part of getting read. A poor looking email will not only send completely the wrong message about your organization, but it could lose customers rather than gain them. But if you don't have internal staff with graphic design backgrounds, what do you do?

We can help. We can offer you graphic design services or base your emails from pre-made templates that just look slick. We work directly with you to ensure that the layout is how you want it to look and that your customers will be intrigued to read and respond.

Email 'Slimming'

When you send out emails, you will likely want them to include graphics. In order to ensure that the recipient gets the full message and includes the graphics, the images should be sent as 'embedded' with the email. This means that if you are sending out large images, this is going to clog the bandwidth of your recipients mail servers. We can help. We can analyze your graphic content and reduce down the size of the images so that they send without requiring huge bandwidth. Our technologies will reduce down graphic size without losing image quality.

Web Site Design & Hosting

This is really what we do. Edgeneering is a company formed on developing computer software solutions for the Internet and we specialize in 'Cloud Computing' solutions - that is software we develop that we host for our clients. If you need to communicate with your subscribers by email, but realize that if you need to include a link in your email for the customer to respond to, that its going to go to a less than perfect website, let's change that. Talk to us about designing and building a solution that really works the way you want it to, and one you can be proud to provide to your customers and prospects.

Custom Software Development

If you need something special written, we can help. This is what we have been doing for over 25 years. And no, we don't send your work to a 3rd world country to get written. All of our software development is done by experienced professionals in the USA, and using the latest in software technologies including PHP, Delphi, Firebird SQL and many others. We are experts in software engineering, so we adopt a 'measure twice, cut once' approach to building our solutions and we're proud of the end result for our customers.


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