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We all need to announce something at some time. And email is a great way to do it. As long as its done right. That's why we are here.

If you need Email List Management services for your organization, you've come to the right place. provides customers with professional notification and list management services through the Internet. We specialize in Email list management and sending, so if you have a database of email addresses, we can help you get your message to that list.

Our communications technology is designed for corporate, government and small/medium business organizations that are looking for a professional partner for communications. We do not work with organizations that wish to use email for 'Spamming' or any other form of annoyance or harrassment of recipients. Those senders have abused the technology of the Internet in a selfish and ignorant manner, and we will not work with such organizations. Our services are specifically designed for professional organizations with 'Opt In' lists that their recipients need to get notified yet are being blocked by filters due to others who abuse the Internet. ensures that emails are sent responsibly and in full conformance with US and International law. If you are a client of, please Login via the Login form at the right of this information. You will need to know your Account No, and have a previously established Login ID & Password setup. If you have forgotten this information, use the FORGOT PASSWORD link or CONTACT US to obtain it.

Here's why its not a good idea to send out large email announcements yourself...

Email is a respected communications medium, and since over 90% of the world's email is SPAM, you have a 90% chance of being incorrectly identified as a spammer unless you do this the right way. That means that your emails must be constructed properly, dispatched with correctly configured email servers, and that you must conform with laws associated with handling your emails. Failure to do any of this can result in:

  • Having your outgoing email server blacklisted for all future emails (including your normal business email communications)
  • Creating a bad impression in the minds of existing and future customers and subscribers
  • Sending out emails that no one can read clearly
  • Being completely 'in the dark' as to whether your emails actually did get to the intended recipient
  • Not providing your recipients an ability to be unsubscribed from your mail outs
  • Running the risk of breaking the law
  • Demonstrating a lack of quality in comparison to your competiton


Do you really want to take the risk? Let alone spend the time & money to handle all of this internally when it is cost effective to outsource it to uses technologies that focus on ensuring that legitimate email reaches the end recipient quickly through OUR servers. But replies go back to you. By taking advantage of our server farm and clustering technologies, not only can we deliver your emails quicker than you can, but we make sure the emails look good, are properly constructed with the right headers, and get through mail filters so that you get to your intended recipient.

But you are in the driver's seat. You construct the email on our service, upload your list and hit the GO button. You can test the emails to make sure they will look the way you want them to, and once you start the dispatch process you can check on the progress at anytime. Once completed you'll be emailed a full report of the results.

Take a look around and if you are interested in our services, please feel free to CONTACT US so we can help.

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